Lexi St. John and Liza St. John are a team of talented twins working together to create entertaining films and media projects. 

Leveraging the individual unique expertise of each sister, they combine their complementary skills to craft their films, taking the reins on everything from concept to release. 

Individually and collectively, they bring a wide variety of creative skills and talents to the table, and are on track to become the hottest new cinematic team ready to make its mark on Hollywood. 

Our Story

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Lexi and Liza have been working together their entire lives. As kids, they'd put on shows for dinner guests and started a band at the age of ten, releasing their songs on iTunes. They performed together in plays and musicals, attended NYU together, and have collaborated on almost a dozen productions. 

Their partnership is only natural, as each twin brings out the best in the other and strengthens their individual talents.